Mentorship, Guidance, and Fostering a sense of Community within the Youth of Toronto!

Youth Programs

Youth Violence Prevention Program (YVP)

Program Objective

The program will engage youth through various approaches including workshops, community events, and excursions to provide alternative pathways to community violence.

The Youth Violence Prevention Program is funded by the City of Toronto Program and will be implemented through the collaborative partnership between Jane Alliance Neighbourhood Services and Black Creek Youth Initiative.

The program aims to foster a safe space for youth to explore their identities, learn mental health management strategies, expand their financial literacy, receive support on access to employment, and have opportunities for mentorship.

Program Criteria
  • Must be in person at Youth Lounge
  • Ages 12 – 29
Program Benefits
  • Improve networking options
  • Learn about resources available for pursuing career goal
  • Youth Empowerment and engagement
  • Connecting with mentors
  • Explore career options

E-3 (Education, Engagement, and Empowerment)

  • Educating, engaging, and empowering participants
  • Involve Black Canadian youth of high school and college age (15 to 29) in the Toronto area
  • providing the knowledge of : methods of combatting discrimination, civil rights and equity in democracy, and Black history, arts and culture
The main activities
  • Inspirational speeches
  • Recreational activities
  • Educational workshops