Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Jane Alliance Neighbourhood Services

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

For Volunteers and Employees of Jane Alliance Neighbourhood Services

This policy was approved by Jane Alliance Neighbourhood Services governing Board of Directors on January 28, 2015.

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct: Our Guide to Integrity and Professionalism

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Employees sets out the principles and rules that must be the basis for the way we conduct ourselves in our work at JANS. It is a guide intended to ensure that we all demonstrate integrity, honesty and professionalism at all times.

The 10 Rules of Knowing and Complying

Each of us is personally responsible for knowing and complying with the provisions of the Code. The following text summarizes the Code’s 10 rules.

The Code sets out 10 rules to be followed:

1. Act with loyalty, honesty and integrity

2. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and policies

3. Treat others with respect

4. Protect confidentiality of information

5. Avoid conflicts of interest

6. Comply with the rules governing personal transactions

7. Use resources appropriately

8. Exercise restraint in outside activities

9. Report any situation that does not comply with the Code

10. Comply with the Code and confirm such compliance

Purpose of the Code

The purpose of the Code is to maintain JANS reputation for integrity, honesty and professionalism by establishing rules of conduct applicable to confidentiality, conflicts of interest and professional ethics. It sets out standards, rules and principles to guide JANS employees in situations involving ethics and professional conduct.

Authority and Review Process

The Code is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors every three years, on recommendation by the Governance and Ethics Committee.

Scope and Terms of Application

The Code applies to all employees and volunteers of JANS for the duration of their employment/placement. Some provisions or special measures, such as those governing confidentiality of information, may continue to apply after employment ends.

The Code also applies to consultants who work at our offices and to individuals who are bound by a professional services agreement or seconded from suppliers, with any necessary adaptations. Such adaptations must be approved by the Senior Vice-President, Compliance and Responsible Investment (hereafter called the “SVP, Compliance”).

A declaration of compliance with the Code must be signed by such persons and sent to the SVP, Compliance.

Team leaders are responsible for implementing and applying the Code in the workplace.

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