About Us

Jane Alliance Neighbourhood Services (JANS), founded in 1999, is a multi-service community based registered charitable organization for newcomers, seniors, youth and women. JANS has been successfully providing high-quality services for more than 20 years in the Rockcliffe-Smythe neighbourhood and surrounding areas. Located in one of Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods, JANS serves clients from diverse backgrounds in a non-discriminatory approach.

JANS operates with a focus and priority of promoting quality of life and social services, social justice, accessibility and community development of the underserved communities in Mt. Dennis area of Toronto and beyond.
JANS offers effective programs and services to the community. This is reflected in a friendly and safe environment, where newcomers and neighbours support each other, learn from each other and act together, as responsible citizens for a more compassionate society. In addition, we offer these services without discrimination based on gender, cultural background, sexual orientation, ethnicity and religion or place of origin – as enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and required by the Ontario Human Rights Act.

Since its inception, JANS has been implementing programs and services in various areas to meet the needs of seniors, women, youth, immigrants and refugees. In 2011 JANS was registered as a charitable organization under Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) laws and regulations to use all its potential and capacity to serve the community more effectively and efficiently. JANS assists more than 7000 clients on a yearly basis.

JANS is currently in the process of designing and developing new programs/partnerships and collaboration with local and international organizations to expand JANS activities beyond its traditional catchment areas. JANS is committed to substantially involving communities in needs assessment, choice of target, implementation and evaluation of its programs. The organization is governed by the Board of Directors and operated under the supervision of the Executive Director and its management team.

Our Team

Staff Members
Name Position
Rosemarie Edward
Service Delivery Manager/Women's Program Manager
Sara Jaju
ED Assistant/Project Coordinator
Rubia Khawar
Food Bank Coordinator
Shehzad Mehmood
Program Development Manager
Atia Islamkhil
Program and Outreach Coordinator
Hareem Ali
Resident Ambassador
Idrees Sharif
Refugee/Settlement Service Manager
Cherry Farrol
Proposal Writer
Sayara Ashory
Dance Project Coordinator
May Ria Hla
Vaccine Engagement Project Lead/Proposal Writer
Board Members
Name Position
Aleem Bacchuss
Baquer Massoud
Taj Bawar
Mohamud Mohamud
Executive Director
Noor Azam
Zahra Zahed
Emily Bradshaw
Emmanual Mifsud
Monika Yosafzai
Khatera Jamshidi
Neha Maan

Risk Management Board Policies and Procedures